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Franchise Show follow-up resources

As promised at The National Franchise Show, this blog contains a trove of tools and resources to support your journey towards franchise business ownership. Content includes financial calculators; recommended books & blogs; tips on finding the franchise that is right for you; and a copy of the Franchising 101 presentation delivered by our CEO Bill Rodriguez at the show. Plus, you're invited to book a free call to ask your franchising questions and learn more about our no-fee services. Good luck on your journey!

  • What is a franchise business

What is a franchise business?

The answer is seemingly obvious: A franchise is a system of uniformly branded and operated enterprises. Think McDonald’s, Great Clips, Planet Fitness and The UPS Store. No matter which location you visit or where you interact with the brand, everything looks, feels and runs the same: The logo, signage ...

  • What are the advantages

What are the advantages of owning a franchise business?

Whether you are in a career transition or looking for a side hustle, investing in a franchise gives you a leg up on those who choose to start a business from scratch. Seven advantages you’ll enjoy as a franchise owner: 1. Proven Business Model The brand you invest in ...

  • How do I know if franchising is right

How do I know if owning a franchise business is right for me?

Franchising allows you to be an entrepreneur - with bumper guards. If you can work within a system, follow a prescribed plan and adhere to policies, franchising is for you. Conversely, if you are the entrepreneurial type who prefers to reinvent wheels you may get frustrated. That’s not to ...

  • Can I keep or leave my job

Can I keep or leave my job and still own a franchise?

The answer in both cases is a resounding YES! Keeping Your Day Job While Owning a Franchise Nowadays, a good number of franchisees are people who want to diversify and grow their investment portfolios while keeping their day jobs. They are looking for substantive side hustles. Many franchisors offer ...

How much does a franchise business cost?

Not surprising, the cost of a franchise investment varies widely. The ones we represent range from $50,000 into the millions. Most investors settle into the $150,000 to $300,000 range. The table below offers a peek at total investment ranges for a few of our 700 brands. These amounts include ...

  • Woman calculating how much she can afford to invest in a franchise business.

How much can I afford to invest in a franchise business?

You may be surprised at how little you need to invest to afford a franchise business. Investment price tags in our portfolio of brands range from $75,000 into the millions “all in” - which means there is bound to be a brand that fits your budget. Try Our “Fundability” Calculator ...

  • How do I finance my franchise

What are my franchise financing options?

Financing a business purchase can be stressful. It’s your financial future on the line, after all. The good news is you do not navigate this money maze alone. Working with us gives you access to funding experts who specialize in franchising. They offer financing strategies and options that fit ...

  • How much money can I make owning a franchise

How much money can I make owning a franchise?

You can make a good, even a great, living as a franchisee. And you can arrive at a reasonable income estimate well before you decide to invest in a franchise. The keys are to: 1> Take advantage of the due-diligence process to dig into the numbers with the franchisor and franchisees; 2> Take into consideration your entire income "trifecta" for a real sense of ROI; and 3> Evaluate your cultural fit with the organization since it will have an impact on your financial performance, according to studies.

  • Reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document before investing in a franchise business is essential.

What should I know about the Franchise Disclosure Document?

If you’ve ever read a stock or mutual fund prospectus before investing, you have a good idea of what a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires every franchisor selling a franchise in the United States to publish and provide an FDD to potential investors during ...

  • A deep review of the Franchise Disclosure Document is critical before making your business investment decision.

Tips for every section of a Franchise Disclosure Document!

  Reading a brand’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is like eating spinach: You may not like it but you’ll be better for it! Though it may be dry legalese, an FDD tells a brand’s story in ways that help you make an informed investment decision. So face it, as ...

  • Couple meeting with a franchise attorney before investing in their franchise business.

Why should I hire a franchise attorney?

Your best insurance policy when buying a franchise business is to hire an attorney. And not just any lawyer but one who is experienced with the legal nuances and complexities of franchising. Checking off this step in the due-diligence process will give you peace of mind and possibly some negotiating ...

  • Why can Liftoff! help me without charging a fee

Who pays a franchise consultant if I pay no fee?

How a franchise consultant makes money is a fair and common question. Here’s the unvarnished answer: Franchise consultants are paid a commission by franchisors when a client decides to invest and become a franchisee. This is similar to how realtors and executive recruiters are compensated when they facilitate win-win transactions ...

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