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Franchise Consultant
Bill Rodriguez

“Our mission is to get you up on that launching pad, fully prepared to lift off into your next chapter in life!”

How I Can Help As Your Franchise Consultant

That video above about my dad – well, that’s an all-too-familiar story.

As a rookie business owner, he learned through hard knocks that buying into a proven franchise model may have been wiser than going it alone. It certainly would’ve saved him time, money – and many late-night dinners!

If Dad had known about franchising then what I know now, he'd likely have chosen a different business path.

I’m Bill Rodriguez, and I’m here to help you achieve business ownership while avoiding my dad’s missteps.

There are many advantages to owning a franchise, but with 4,000 brands to choose from, the process of identifying and investing in the right concept can be complex.

That’s why we should talk!

As your coach, educator and navigator, I can save you time, reduce your risk and ensure that you invest with confidence as you make one of the biggest financial decisions in your life.

Speaking to franchisees at a national conference.

Benefit From My Insider Franchising Knowledge

With almost two decades of franchising experience, I’ve helped aspiring owners and investors launch 1,000+ businesses in North America.

I can assess which brands will do right by you – and which ones to avoid. I bring smarts and simplicity, and loads of insider knowledge, to your journey.

Guided by my proven four-step discovery process, you can settle on your dream business in as soon as 90 days – though we will go at your pace, no matter how much time you need.

Discover Amazing Under-the-Radar Franchising Opportunities

Chances are you may not know much about franchising. And that’s okay, because one of my first priorities is to get you savvy about the industry and help you decide if it’s a fit for you.

I can tell you this: Your options go way beyond the stereotype of burgers and fries. In fact, there are dozens of non-food, high-ROI franchise categories that enable owners and investors to create new wealth and achieve financial freedom.

We were blessed with twins while I worked for, yep, the Minnesota Twins. Which reminds me: Franchises focused on care, education & sports for kids never go out of style.

Think essential, emerging and in-demand services, like:

  • Home maintenance and makeovers
  • Kids’ sports, education & enrichment
  • In-home care and companionship for our elderly
  • Pet care, plus mobile dog grooming and training
  • Automotive care and detailing
  • Personal care & beauty, such as 30-minute facials and hair coloring
  • The latest fitness workouts and self-care practices like IV drips, infrared saunas & cryotherapy
  • Even urgent care and other types of medical clinics, and testosterone replacement therapy for men
  • Plus, a host of business-to-business services

With so many under-the-radar options, it won’t come as a surprise to learn that more than 80% of clients end up in perfect-fit businesses they’d never thought about! Odds are may happen to you too.

What you will discover along the way is that franchising consists of proven, profitable, plug-and-play business models that make it easier for you to ramp, run and resell your business when it is time to exit.

The challenge is landing on the right brand – and that’s what we’ll do together.

Not long after arriving in America, Dad caught the entreprenuerial bug to open a bodega in upper Manhattan. Starting a business from scratch works for some, but franchising is the less risky, more practical way for most of us to to succeed as business owners.

You’ll Emerge Smart, Sure & Secure – Ready to “Lift Off”

My mission – and my professional joy – is in preparing clients like you to “lift off” to an exciting new chapter in life. Working with me, be assured you will emerge from our journey:

  • Smart about franchising — You will know what it takes to succeed. 
  • Sure in your decision — Whether it’s a yes or no, there won’t be any second-guessing; you will have done your homework. 
  • Secure in what you need — I’ll pair you with excellent, franchise-experienced legal, financing, accounting and tax-planning resources to seamlessly sign your deal.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You no doubt have questions about me, my process and franchising in general.

I invite you to start with a free, no-obligation 15-minute conversation. My calendar and contact information are below. Whenever you’re ready to approach the launching pad, I’ll be here, ready to talk. Thank you.

Franchise Consulting FAQs

What Exactly Will You Provide Me?2023-08-01T17:16:05+00:00
  • Franchising tutelage to get you industry savvy

  • Business ownership coaching if you’re a first-timer or in career transition

  • A defined business profile based on your financial, lifestyle & personal goals

  • Science-based business personality assessment to further define your profile

  • Research & recommendations for your best-fit franchises

  • Guidance to settle on your one dream business & sign your deal

  • Legal, accounting & financing resources, including pre-qualifying

  • Post-purchase availability as you launch your business
What Questions Will We Cover?2023-08-01T06:10:01+00:00
  • Is franchising right for me?
  • What types of franchises are best for me?
  • How should a possible recession factor into my thinking?

  • How do I settle on my top choice?
  • How much will I invest, and how will I fund it?

  • When can I break even, how much can I make?

  • How soon can I open and what support & training will I get?

  • Who will run my business if I invest passively?

  • These are common FAQs; there will be others
Who Are Your Clients?2023-08-01T08:56:47+00:00
  • Investors & Entrepreneurs seeking income & equity streams that do not require full-time work in the business

  • Corporate Refugees looking to be their own boss due to downsizing or a desire for career change & work-life balance

  • Military Veterans eager to leverage their leadership & operational skills (at reduced franchise fees as a thanks for their service!)

  • Entrepreneurial Millennials who want out of corporate cubicles and an early start on building equity and wealth

  • Families (parents and adult children) fueled by a vision of launching a multi-generational legacy business
  • Foreign Entrepreneurs with an E-2 visa

What Are Your Guiding Values and Workstyle?2023-08-15T03:35:49+00:00
  • Emphasis on education and coaching, not “selling”
  • Franchise recommendations that are in YOUR best interest; I work for you, not the franchisor

  • Relationships based on integrity and authenticity; I strive to be thorough, thoughtful & trustworthy in all my interactions

  • Professional Ritz-caliber service – which includes detailed preparation, insightful actionable guidance and prompt follow-up

  • Accessibility — even outside normal business hours; anything I can do to make the process convenient and easier for you

  • Strict stewardship of your confidential information
How Can You Not Charge a Fee?2023-08-01T09:10:11+00:00
  • I’m compensated a commission by the franchise brands I represent

  • This is similar to how executive recruiters & realtors are paid when they negotiate win-win agreements

  • Franchisors budget for my service separately; no costs – not a single penny – are passed to you

  • This means you NEVER pay more for a franchise if working with me
  • More details and context are offered in this blog

Why Should I Work With You?

Certified & Connected2023-08-01T09:13:32+00:00
  • Certified by the prestigious International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG)
  • Accredited annually through the completion of further study and professional development

  • Access on your behalf to the largest, most dynamic portfolio of franchise brands
  • Extensive franchisor relationships that are leverageable on your behalf
Franchise Insider Experience2023-08-01T09:18:55+00:00
  • Nearly 15 years as a senior executive for emerging and established franchise brands

  • Leadership roles in all areas of franchisee support, including marketing, operations, training & onboarding

  • Investor engagement during the buying process, ultimately opening 1,000+ locations
  • Experience to fully assess if a brand is capable of supporting you
  • Industry smarts and insider knowledge to provide you a coaching advantage

Broad Business Background2023-08-01T09:20:52+00:00
  • Senior marketing positions in fitness, wellness, education and healthcare
  • Awards for marketing campaigns that elevated brands and drove revenue
  • Master of Business Administration degree
  • Learn more about me and connect with me on LinkedIn

More About Bill

Fun Facts2023-08-04T14:16:13+00:00
  • Had twins (boy and girl) while working for the Minnesota Twins

  • Endurance cyclist, former marathoner, avid ballroom dancer

  • Bilingual (English and Spanish)

  • Set Yankee Stadium single-game record for souvenior sales during college

  • Co-produced Major League Baseball’s biggest off-season fan event, TwinsFest, still a decades-long tradition

TwinsFest originated in the old Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis, regularly attracting 30,000+ fans over a pre-season weekend. (Photo Credit: Aaron Gleeman)

Let’s Talk, How Can We Help?

Let’s Talk, How Can We Help?