The answer in both cases is a resounding YES!

Keeping Your Day Job While Owning a Franchise

Nowadays, a good number of franchisees are people who want to diversify and grow their investment portfolios while keeping their day jobs. They are looking for substantive side hustles.

Many franchisors offer executive-model opportunities that allow these individuals to function as part-time “semi-absentee” owners. This means they carve time each week to oversee the franchise while relying on a manager or key employee to run the day-to-day operation.

For those who want to be totally hands-off, a few franchisors even offer to manage the business for them in exchange for a fee and percent of profits – but these are rare.

Replacing Your Job With Franchise Ownership

Not everyone, however, likes their day job! Since the pandemic – due to downsizing, resignations and a desire for deeper fulfillment – millions of Americans are pivoting away from careers to be their own boss.

Some invest in a business that simply matches their current salary, or comes close. In essence they buy themselves a new job. And that may be fine given what is gained in tax write offs, asset appreciation and work-life balance.

But many corporate refugees and other transitioners want more: They invest in franchise models that allow them to start small and build a small empire over time with more locations or brands. Their executive-style approach is to work ON not IN the business. For example, someone who invests in a pet business will hire staff to do the frontline work while he or she focuses on growing the enterprise.

Franchising offers a variety of paths towards ownership – from totally passive to totally hands-on. We can help you sort through options and land on the right path.

Want Help Evaluating Franchise Opportunities?

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