Finding Your Ideal Franchise

Our L-I-F-T process is your roadmap to a smart, informed decision – narrowing the field from 1000s of brands to your ultimate choice.

Here’s how:

Discover Your Best Franchise to Own!

L-I-F-T is the process we use to help you land on your ideal franchise. It saves you time and reduces risk; sparks clarity and confidence; and fuels motivation and momentum. You emerge with an inspiring vision of where you’re going and how to get there.

The process is personalized to your situation and paced to your liking – though most investors complete the journey in two to four months. And the process works: 1,000s use it every year to find their match.

Here’s a peek at your L-I-F-T journey. We’re with you at every step. If you’ve worked with a realtor to buy a home, you’ll sense the similarities.

Your L-I-F-T Journey



  • We listen to you talk about what you want from your business: Financial and lifestyle goals, likes and dislikes, hands-on versus absentee ownership and so on
  • That discussion helps us create your business profile to match against our franchise portfolio
  • A science-based business personality assessment helps to refine your profile – TRY IT NOW!
  • Financing options also are covered so we can pinpoint matches in the appropriate investment range



  • Guided by your profile, we search our portfolio and speak directly with franchisors to cull your best matches
  • Key factors are your investment range, preferred ownership structure and brand availability in your area
  • We focus on brands with strong leadership, in-demand services and promising financial performance
  • Also required: Robust training and support systems and a proven marketing playbook for customer acquisition



  • Our research is formulated into a list of best matches reviewed with you; be prepared to be surprised!
  • You may mistakenly associate franchising only with fast food; in fact, about half the industry consists of “non-food” brands that oftentimes are better options
  • Our list will likely include fast-growing, profitable brands in categories you may never have considered
  • These hot sectors offer what consumers want, even in tough economic times – think children, seniors, pets, health and home services, for example
  • Through back-and-forth conversation, you’ll narrow the list to two or three finalists



  • This phase has you talking directly with your finalists, similar to touring the most appealing houses in your hunt for a new home
  • The brands’ executives will review all aspects of the business model with you
  • Franchisees will discuss life on the frontlines and what it takes to succeed
  • All of these conversations occur online or via phone – but ultimately the “tours” conclude with a fun interactive, informative event that brands host at their headquarters
  • At or shortly after the event, you should be ready to make your decision
  • Throughout, we’ll coach you on the right questions to ask, how to interpret what you’re told and shown, and how to review a key legal document you’ll be provided

Turnkey Financing & Other Services

Not only do we accompany you throughout L-I-F-T, you’ll also have access to experts who have franchise-specific experience to simplify and turnkey your journey. These include:

* Franchise attorney and accountant for a financial review
* Financing via an SBA loan, 401K rollover and other options

Life After L-I-F-T

Congratulations on your liftoff towards a new horizon! If you are career transitioning or keeping your job while serving as a semi-absentee or passive owner, we will coach you on best practices to make the adjustment smooth and seamless.

Let’s Talk, How Can We Help?

Let’s Talk, How Can We Help?